IRLrpg Radio
joee irwin makes genre crossing mixtapes and calls it radio. boh slecta

a mix to open a block party in brooklyn (imagined)
on september 17, 2023 i opened the house of yes block party in brooklyn. soul summit headlined, it was so much fun! this mix, 017, is inspired by that awesome day. it’s not a track by track recreation, more like a reanimation for home listening.

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IRLrpg Radio 003
"a mix for the hopelessly devoted". may be weird for first dates and one night stands but you do you
"demeter's child returns"
ringing in the birds and the buds with little bit of heat. persephone is risen. this is the b-side to 001
"a mix for euphrosyne" the goddess of joy
011 is a collection of music where punk and pop and funk and highlife and reggae and hip hop all get together for something delightful​​​​​​​

"a mix for you"
something to listen to when you're by yourself. whether you're up or whether you're down, it's for you. recorded in brooklyn

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