"COMPbines" (art with a little extra)

some of my portraits come with COMPanion audio guides & video explainers : the name is an ode to Robert Rauschenberg's "Combines"(painting/sculpture hybrids)

Oneness at The VMAs, before, and after." early 2022
Oneness at the VMA’s, before, and after. early 2022 - Collage-, gittlin/donda, ye- paper on rauschenberg - 409.85
The background of “Oneness at the VMAs, before, and after.” was made from photocopies of Robert Rauschenberg’s Canyon (1959) - Grant's favorite piece of art. It looks more like faded wheat pastings than it does RR’s original work, though the same could be said of the original work. Does this represent the cyclical nature of Everything or is this a convoluted statement about a ridiculous work of art?
NOTE: the "early" was added to 2022 because Ye was a little different then
from Joee's 1st Art Tawk, November 2023

The Jack McCambridge at Studio 54 Triptych, 2021
The Jack McCambridge at Studio 54 Triptych, 2021 Photographs - 712.83
Studio 54 was a New York discotheque (1977-1979) founded by Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell. It was known for its celebrity guests, its restrictive door policy, blatant drug use, and sexual permissiveness - we know this because everything that has ever mentioned it mentions this. The party ended when the founders were convicted of evading taxes. What they couldn’t evade was Jack - a vibe that would shortly thereafter become self-aware in the city of Chicago.
from Joee's 1st Art Tawk, November 2023